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Jeff "Odie" Espenship
Jeff Espenship Our flight plan will elevate you into becoming a Target Leader. You will learn to inspire the desire in others to achieve greater heights in leadership and safety excellence.

Leaders influence behaviors. We all have the ability to influence the behaviors of others around us—good, bad, or indifferent. That makes each of us a leader. Target Leaders inspire those around them to achieve a higher level of excellence in their work and home life. as a Target Leader, it’s not what you say but what you believe. What you believe gets your focus. What gets your focus gets your commitment and gets done. What gets done is what others see. What others see is what they believe. Seeing is believing. it’s not what you say you believe; it’s what they see you believe.
Due to his demonstrated leadership and officer ship skills in cadet corps officer training, Jeff was awarded not only a full academic scholarship, but also a USAF pilot training slot. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Jeff spent a year cheating certain death and destruction earning his USAFpilot wings. Having done this better than his classmates, he won the coveted “Commanders Trophy” as the overall top graduate of his pilot training class. Jeff also won the pilot training T-38 Talon’s “Hard Charger Award” for overall dedication to excellence and training.

While there, he qualified as one of the youngest 4-ship flight leaders in the entire squadron. He served as an instructor and was also combat search and rescue qualified. He won numerous Top Gun awards for air-to-ground bombing and gunnery. Due to Jeff’s outgoing, personable, always smiling, eager to please personality, his squadron mates quickly gave him his callsign “Odie” aptly named after the popular cartoon Garfield’s sidekick.

Now, few people know Jeff by his first name…but simply call him “ODIE.”

After 6 years of dedicated service in the Air Force, Odie decided to fulfill another lifelong dream by becoming an airline pilot. He began his career with Delta Air Lines in 1992, where he currently flies international routes out of Atlanta, GA.

Amid his tenure as an airline pilot, Odie also flew a 1943 T-6 “Texan ” on the airshow circuit. A tragic accident took the life of his brother, as well as the life of the pilot. This significant event in Odie’s life ignited the spark that helped create what Target Leadership is today.