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National Accounts

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Virtual Vending

Created to Offer Clients the Benefits of Product Vending:

•  Control Employee usage
•  Employee accountability
•  Usage tracking by individual, department, product, etc.
•  Increased productivity
•  Reduce usage, waste and product theft thus reducing costs

DiVal Virtual Vending Has Eliminated the Obstacles that Often Make Vending Prohibitive:

•  NO VENDING MACHINES – no expensive lease or purchase
•  No Stocking of machines – saving countless hours a week for employees
•  No machine repairs, down time, vandalism,
•  No increased cost to re-package product to make it vendible

DiVal Virtual Vending allows employees to place orders with the store room in an efficient and easy manner. It also allows management to limit product by employee or department and track usage.


•  Direct Costs Savings on items purchases through DiVal
•  Employees are assigned login and passwords that will give them varying levels of authority
•  All transactions are captured and usage reports are available by employee, department, product etc.
•  DiVal will assist you in managing the usage and reporting
•  All transactions are captured and will generate replenishment orders automatically on a weekly basis – this reduces inventory levels & the time for employees ordering product
•  Controlled usage without the human emotion – the only way the store room can dispense is with a valid vending ticket
•  Employees respond very quickly to the notion that usage is being tracked
•  Receiving time is reduced because of the vendor reduction and fewer deliveries
•  Payables time is reduced due to fewer vendors and fewer invoices
•  Elimination of hundreds of Purchase orders per year






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