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OSHA Required Annual Hose Testing Now Provided by DiVal
Here's what our fire hose testing service provides:

(1)  Engine Load Diagram: We diagram and record how the engine is loaded, how many feet in each bed, how cross lays are reloaded and the location of any other hose on the engine.

(2)  Engine Unload: The engine is unloaded and supply beds, pre-connects, hose bundles & rolls are removed and staged for testing.

(3)  Hose Inspection:  The hose is inspected for flaws and then sorted based on service test pressures required by NFPA Standards.

(4)  Hose Identification:  Hose I.D. numbers are used if a numbering system has already been established within the department. An identification system is created if the department doesn not have one.

(5)  Pressure Test:  We use our own equipment that is designed and developed to meet NFPA Standards.  Test equipment can handle high pressure hose testing while minimizing hose burst risk to workers.

(6)  Roll and Reload:  We roll all hose prior to reloading to eliminate air or water and use load diagram to ensure that the hose goes back the way it was found.

(7)  Documentation:  We compile all testing data and provide documentation of all hose records. You will also receive a Certificate of Completion, a Summary Report and CD of your inventory and test results.

Call Wayne Weick today at 716.874.9060 to find out more about this annual OSHA mandated test and schedule your next hose testing appointment.  Let the professionals at DiVal cost effectively free up your department staff's time and resources.



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