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Boating Safety Tips

The sun is shining high in the sky. You're sitting on a boat out in the open water without a care in the world. Sounds perfect, right? 

One of summer's greater pleasures is spending time with family and friends out in the boat at your typical lake or beach home. However, if the necessary precautions are not taken, not having a care in the world may turn into having too many.

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Dangers the summer heat can bring

HeatStress NEW

Summer is almost everyone's favorite time of year but it's also a peak time for tragedy. The devastating heat can lead to such events. 

Most situations are preventable and, with the proper knowledge of how to combat them, can be dealt with properly when the time comes—or even avoided entirely.

According to the National Safety Council's Injury Facts 2016, 372 people died in 2013 from exposure to excessive heat. This is what you need to look out for:

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How and why we should have fun at work


Roughly 24 percent of the average, full-time employee’s week is spent at work. Not only is it important to conquer daily endeavors, but it is also crucial to have fun at work. There are many ways to enjoy the day:

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