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Power Event Series

Power Up Your Safety Culture

The DiVal Safety POWER Event Series is a one-of-a-kind conference series that gives you the opportunity to attend a full day safety convention in half the time. Look out for the DiVal Safety POWER Event Series coming to a city near you!

Power Event Speakers

Dale Lesinski is the Vice President of DiVal Safety and the creator of "Safe 4 the Right Reasons" message and culture program. The "Safe 4" message and culture program remains as one of the most popular and effective safety messages in the market. Dale has been a keynote and featured speaker at the NSC (National Safety Council) and OSHA VPPPA National and Regional Conferences as well as several local and regional Safety Associations. As a motivational speaker and safety trainer, Dale has impacted tens of thousands and has been recognized as a leader in the safety field. He has a unique ability to effectively deliver his message so it is relevant and personal for each attendee. Dale has been a featured presenter at conferences and companies across the United States and Canada.

Wylie Davidson is the Training and Culture Specialist for DiVal Safety. Throughout his 22 years of safety and management experience, he has visitied and toured hundreds of manufacturing plants and job sites in virtually every aspect of industry, construction, municipality, and utility. His ability to interact with a variety of work force clientele, coupled with his dynamic personality and humor has allowed him to become a favorite among presenters.

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