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Power Event Series


Power Up Your Safety Culture

The DiVal Safety POWER Event Series is a one-of-a-kind conference series that gives you the opportunity to attend a full day safety convention in half the time. Look out for the DiVal Safety POWER Event Series coming to a city near you!

Hands On Demos

Event Speaker

Bob Vigdor is the Director of Instrument Sales at DiVal Safety. Bob has over 25 years of experience in Gas Detection and Lone Worker safety. Lone Worker concerns are a hot topic across many industries and the technology advancements in Gas Detection have been amazing.

Featured Gas Detection Products

BW Technologies Yellow MicroClipXL™ Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide And Oxygen Detector

IntelliDoX docking station for Honeywell BW MicroClip Series

MSA Altair 4XR 4 Gas Detector Glow-in-the-dark O2, LEL, CO, H2S Rechargable

GFG 4 Gas Meter w/ Rechargable Flash Battery O2, LEL, CO, H2S





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